"Transform Your Clients into Referral Powerhouses with the Referability Roadmap Academy!"

Roadmap for Success -A step by step guide to build your referral-based business by design, not by chance.

Attract! Not Chase -Learn how to create so much value that your clients want to refer you!

The Secret Sauce For Your Business -Learn why consistency is the key to success and how to build it.

Mindset -How to make a few small changes in your thinking that can exponentially change your business!

Here's What Clients Are Saying

“The best result of working with Bill has been the work life balance it has created. Clear goals, a sounding board to evaluate the systems I have created, and our weekly meeting to hold me accountable has caused systems that have lead to less evening and weekend work/stress and being more present with my family.”

Chris G.

"Bill has guided me in creating a roadmap to be more successful and efficient in business. Bill’s coaching methods have made a significant impact on my business and have been even more profound in my personal life”

Jeremy J.

Stop Chasing Leads

Do you find yourself investing endless hours in your business but not seeing the results? Are you caught in the exhausting cycle of pursuing transactions rather than fostering meaningful client relationships? It’s not just about working hard; it's about working smart—and that’s where the Referability Roadmap Academy comes in.

You see, I've been where you are. In the early days of my real estate career, I experienced the highs of success and the lows of silence—wondering if my phone was even working. Then, I discovered a powerful insight: the goldmine within my own database.

By focusing on nurturing the relationships with those who already knew, liked, and trusted me, and by consistently engaging with them, I transformed my business into one that was driven by 94% referrals.

Why Choose the Referability Roadmap Academy?

The Academy is tailored specifically for service providers like you—whether you're a Real Estate Professional, Financial Planner, Mortgage Lender, or Insurance Agent. This program is crafted to shift your strategy from sporadic to systematic, turning your existing network into a reliable source of leads.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

A Clear, Step-by-Step System: No more guessing games. The straightforward approach guides you through essential techniques to build and maintain professional relationships that convert into long-term clients.

Flexible Learning with Immediate Impact: Dive into our series of short, impactful video modules that fit easily into your busy schedule. Each lesson is designed for quick consumption with actionable steps.

Exclusive 24-Page Action Guide: This isn’t just about learning; it’s about doing. Our comprehensive action guide helps you apply what you learn directly to your business, ensuring you see real progress.

Join the ranks of service providers who are mastering the art of referral-based business. With the Referability Roadmap Academy, you’re not just growing your client list—you’re enhancing the quality of every business relationship.

Are you ready to build a business that grows itself? Join us at the Referability Roadmap Academy and turn your network into your greatest asset.

Here's What You Will Learn

Module 1

It Begins in the Mind.

Learn how you think creates the business and life you want.

Module 2

The Power of the Referral-Based Business.
Learn the 6 benefits of building a referral-based business.

Module 3

The Database. The Life Blood of your business. Learn how to build it and engage with it!

Module 4

Sales is a Contact Sport.
Learn the 5 key things to building realtionships that refer!

Module 5

The Power of your Network. Learn why your network is your net worth! And how to grow it.

Module 6

Value, Value, Value. How to be top of mind for your clients. And not spend a ton money doing it!

Module 7

The Secret Sauce.
Just by doing 3 simple things can change your entire business!

Module 8

Profit. Learn the 8 key numbers you must know in your business and by not knowing them can kill your business!

Module 9

Leverage. Learn how to leverage your way success!

Module 10

Do it Now! Success favors the Implementer!

These are the questions I get asked the most.

How will this training help me?

By giving you a simple and practical guide that, if followed, will help you create a more consistent, profitable and fun business.

What industries does this training work best for?

Primarily for service-based industries such as Real Estate Professionals, Financial Planners, Mortgage Lenders and Insurance Agents and those that are providing a service rather than a tangiable product.

How long will it take me to complete it?

There are over 4 hours of training and it's self-paced, so you get to choose how long it will take for you. 

What's Holding You Back? Start Building the Business and Life You Want Right Now!


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